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Top Insurance broker

"NZPC worked with us to setup our systems in 2015 and have partnered with us ever since to ensure that our reporting and financial systems are reliable.  Our Audit reviewers advised that they were shocked at how well documented our processes were and that our systems were that of a 50-adivser practice, not a small practice"

Large NZ Library network

"We engaged Andrew of NZPC to understand how we could leverage the large amount of data on multiple systems. Andrew worked with us and the wider IT team to develop a world-first IT solution that was also much cheapere than the IT Team had proposed"


"Andrew of NZPC was brought in to improve our rather lacking reporting systems - he automated our regular reports and freed up 4h/day of staff time.  He also improved our nationwide ranking of a particular report from 14/20 to 2/20 by introducing a robust creation process and working with stakeholders to improve their understanding of the report"

Rental Property Owner

"We used NZPC to set up our accounting system.  Everything is documented well and the reports are very clear and simple to use, the Accountant doesn't like it much as they can't charge us very much compared with other clients as our records don't leave much for them to do!! "

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