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"Do I still want this customer"

.. is a question I get asked?

How do you determine this?

I encourage my clients to rank clients into 3 or 4 grades, the exact tags are upto the client, but A-C, 1-3 are normal!

What measures can you use to grade the client?

  • If you are a services company that has repeat clients, you can use your Customer Management System to calculate their turnover - and better, profitability. You might give a decile-based score here - e.g. top 10% by profitability gets a 10; bottom 10 gets a 1

  • Also, depending on your diary application, there are add-ons that interrogate your calendar to summarise your appointments by attributes such as client name or task.

  • Then there is the old "gut feel" - there are some clients that are just a menace to deal with. They will get a very low score here!

Its also worth considering other attributes such as @geniusu @wealthdynamics scores and profiles that you may record.


  • Keep the scoring simple - maximum of 4 attributes

  • Remember not to put too "descriptive" comments on file - depending on privacy legislation, a client can have the right to request a copy of their client file.

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