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If you're not on Google Maps, you don't exist

A lot of people now use Google Maps (GMaps) to search on their phones for a business - mainly so they then get directions immediately, rather than googling it, then switching to GMaps.

Recently, I was trying to find a Vietnamese restaurant that someone told me about. I did a search on Google Maps for Vietnamese

and couldn't find it. Thankfully, we had a rough idea where it was, so we drove to the car park nearest to where we thought it was and then walked around : it was in front of us! Actually, we'd actually driven past it hundreds of times as its only 50m back from a main road.

The food at the Vietnamese place was delicious - the Banh Mi was just like ones I've eaten in Hanoi, so I had a chat with the owners and they "claimed" the business and set their details.

Naturally, after a couple of days to ensure that the search engine, etc had been updated, I went on to GMaps and added a review and some photos.

I saw them again recently and the said that their sales have increased since they went onto GMaps.

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