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Rental properties - self manage or get a manager?

Note: This is based on NZ

Legislation, so references to law may not apply or may differ in other countries. This is NOT a legal opinion

NZPC has lots of experience with rental properties - both by owning them ourselves and also with clients. We've managed the ones we owned also contracted out the management

There are three ways to manage a rental property:

Self Managing

You do all the work!

This is good if you

  • have lots of time and are willing to invest it in the marketing of the property, screening of tenants and then ongoing inspections - NZ Insurers state that inspections must be carried out quarterly


No access to the lists of prospective renters that Property Managers have

  • Ensuring compliance with ongoing developments in legislatio

Managing via Estate Agent's Property Management Arm

This is our preferred option:


  • Real Estate Agents in NZ are regulated by law (REI Act); Property Managers are NOT!!

  • The property will be marketed on the Agency's main website, so lots of people viewing it

  • Agency will have determined processes for effectively screening tenants

  • Agency will have processes to ensure that they are conversant with law changes.

  • Agency will have access to proven maintenance people

  • They have access to market data, so will price the rental accordingly: we recommend asking for the 60th - 75th percentile price if the property is in excellent condition: you want a good price but one that ensures that the property is rented to one tenant for a long term!


You will have to pay a fee : In Auckland this can be 6-8% of the rent, plus the same fee for maintenance. Ideally, you won't be charged an inspection fee. The fees are negotiable, but don't trade price for quality

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