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Time to travel: be secure

(This article applies to every time you leave your house, let alone your country!)

Securing all devices - laptops, tablets and phones - against theft and intrusion is essential

These are the rules we tell our clients to follow:

  1. Always have a reputable [paid for] Anti Virus and VPN installed

  2. NEVER use wireless hotspots .. if you must, then use the VPN to block people intercepting passwords

  3. NEVER use public USB chargers: these can have a chip installed to steal data: instead, take a 3m extension cord and plug in your 3-pin charger: its much mor

e comfy to use too!

Going Abroad

1. Get a Dual-sim phone: mobile roaming is extortionate: instead, local SIMs are available for a very reasonable price (typically a few days of roaming for a month's usage) and come with huge amounts of data. Some apps - eg. Grab require a local number to register!

2. If you have a contract mobile plan, buy a prepaid SIM and divert all your texts and calls to this; then put the prepaid into your dual-sim phone (I tape my main SIM to the inside of the phone case!)

3. Take a 5-way plug bar (and your 3m cable): now you can charge and/or use all your low power devices from one place: it also means you need fewer plug socket converters

4. Get a spare credit and EFTPOS card and put securely in your hand luggage: if your wallet gets nicked, then you still have money!

Back home

Check your credit card to make sure no unauthorised charges


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